A builder, hard worker, honest, with your feet planted squarely on the ground, you bring structure to the world. Your work requires a tangible finished product at completion. You are excellent at details and routine. Your economical and practical side make...s you a good accountant, efficiency expert, programmer. Analytical and organized, you bring order for others. It is possible that you could work in the field of law and order, as you can assume much responsibility and help to protect others. Your work has an earthly quality to it, and you are here to experience the world as a structured place.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 I Hope You Are Much Better than 2012

Dear 20113, It's a new year. New mistakes are going to make along with new promises and regrets. All I'm asking is that you'll be better than last year. I'm not praying for a miracle, I just want a better year than the one that's about to pass.

Looking forward to a new year is essential to prospering in life. Many of us don't realize that life is always about the "stretch", meaning life is always about doing things bigger and better than we have done before. New years resolutions are a good way to create a better life for yourself in the new year and in years to come. When creating your new years resolutions remember that you are not only making these resolutions for a change for a short amount of time, you should be thinking of resolutions that you will keep for the rest of your life, and that will make your life better until it ends.

Those are great ideas but one resolution that may incorporate all new years resolutions is a promise to love yourself more. Loving yourself more will allow you to treat yourself to better health choices, and will also in turn most likely lead to you treating those around you with more love as well. Remember you will not be perfect, no one is, but as long as you try to be better than you were in years past, you will be continuing your move forward in life!

Achieving greatness is more about pulling out the gifts we have inside of us and consistently making decisions to positively affect our lives and the people around us, than it is just making great things happen that everyone is sure to notice.

We all have greatness inside of us, but only a few are willing dream the dreams that other deem impossible, and actually go after these dreams with all of our force, and all of our might.
Live your life with passion by taking actions on a consistent and continual basis. Remember that acting for a minute might get you a day, but great actions for a lifetime might buy you a few generations. You are not only what you say, but you are mostly what you do. All of the greatest figures in our history who are still quoted today, are not only remembered for what they have said, they are remembered because of the things that they did, the actions that they were willing to commit to.HAPPY NEW YEAR..

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