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Saturday, 11 February 2012


Before i start,i would like to say this..."Wow...,the USS so amazing me!"..hahahaha(big smile on my face).So,let the story begins..Last three weeks a go  i went to universal singapore studios with my best friends Abby and her mom and two of my rakan kerja,Melisa and Azlan.I was very excited  cos this is 1st time i'am visiting a theme park..and i'm so S.A.K.A.I..haha

We arrived at USS almost 11.00 am after we been thru the imigresen clearence between jb border and singapore border!To reach here, my freinds and me have to take teksi from our hotel to the custom,taking   bus from the custom to the border and then  pick up  the bus again and the last is use the train  for reach here.When we arrived ,the place was pretty packed!! I not expected this place will be crowded since that time wasn't a weekends or school holidays.I'm much   impressed with the design,buildings and architectures!Once i stepped into the park,the place really make me amazing and i dont feel i'm in USS but in the real park!!!Wow..!!only that i can say..i told u guys already right...i was  S.A.K.A.I here..hahaha...

This photo taken inside singapore train..Sempat kan!hihihi...

it's me..lalala..

 -looks at ABBY!she was excited taking photo infront of universal studio...

This  time we eat nasi lemak and the cost is Rm8.00 to rm10.00 in our money .The food very expensive !fuhh...

 - me and mama infront of universal studio-

     1st at all,the friendly staff directed  our ways into the studio and our journey started via taking a picture.At first we go for the universal studio gallery and taking some photo infront  of the gallery.Inside the gallery they have lots of souvenir like a t'shirt USS,a cup,pen,magnet ,books and etc..i cant tell everything coz i come here not for telling u guys about the sold  item but my experince!hahahaha...If u guys want to know more so u  have come to USS ,pls book the uss tiket from online yee...the cost is MYR170!...MUST GO,okey?!hehehehe..If u plan ovenight at singapore,u have to booked the  hotel earlier coz here the  hotel very expensive and always fully booked!! 

Since my freinds enter to the gallery and buy some souvenir,i go to the outside of the gallery and saw azlan taken some photo with the "kung fu panda",the famous movie!!He's so cutee!OMG!I try to take a photo with him but have to Q fist and see the long Q it's disspointed my mood.Argghhhh...!!)i gerammm sangat taukk...haha..but never mind still lots of place i havent go..so i walk  wth azlan...That time we forget to wait our friends at the USS gallery..hahahaha...coz me and azlan   too much excited already...can't wait the adventure...hehehehee...sorry dude! so njoy the photo guys!

The most experience i really like is when i go for the ultimate 3D battle is about TRANSFOMER The Ride.The Ultimate 3D Battle at Southeast Asia’s first and only Universal Studios theme park. Based on the iconic brand from Hasbro, TRANSFORMERS The Ride brings to life the story of the battle between the heroic AUTOBOTS and the villainous DECEPTICONS.TRANSFORMERS The Ride sets a new standard in immersive theme park attractions with realistic high definition 3D media, sophisticated visual effects, and one of the most elaborate roaming flight simulator systems ever integrated into a ride-car vehicle.This is giving me the chance to ‘Ride The Movies', TRANSFORMERS The Ride transports i have into the world of TRANSFORMERS as members of the Human-AUTOBOT alliance called N.E.S.T., putting me right in the thick of the action protecting the Allspark from the DECEPTICONS.It was amazing me..and i just thinking how they have a such idea like this..fuhhh!!The ride will reside in the Sci-Fi City zone, which is also currently home to the world’s tallest duelling roller coasters – Battlestar Galactica: Human and Battlestar Galactica: Cylon.

We headed straight to Madagascar.Based on the hit  DreamWorks Animation film, Madagascar, this zone brings us  to a dense tropical jungle, filled with strange and wonderful animals like lemurs and foosas.

Join Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria, the four heroes from DreamWorks Animation's blockbuster movie Madagascar, as they embark on an unforgettable river ride adventure in Madagascar: A Crate Adventure...

 -this picture taken by UUS-
Attraction Type: River boat ride; indoor
Height Restrictions: Guests under 80cm may not ride. Children between 80cm and 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising adult.
This ride employs safety restraints which may not accommodate certain people due to their body shape or size.
This animation presented by MAYBANK..

 And i also taken photo with the super duper adrable penguins,it's so cuteeeee!!! It's managed to catch a 20 seconds performeance of the penguins.I was happy and enjoy along the performance!

We step to the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure as depicted the picture below.

We went to the Ancient pyramids too.i belive everyone know abot the egyp history!When i step in the Ancient pyramids ,i can't belive what i saw!!I'm in EGYPT!!how excited i'm..hahaha..By the way Egypt is one of the most fertile areas of Africa, and one of the most fertile of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.Guys,i can told u everything here..coz i dnt have time to tell u about EGYPT history...below u can see the picture of mine!
 this picture taken by USS..i just copy and paste..

and i also meeting the hip hop team..i dont know what the team name...but its really enjoy to see them dance on the floor.My freinds ,Azlan join the team dancer..haha..it was funny when seeing Azlan  dance with the,,..hahaha...below is our photo wth the dancer...they are handsome and cute..!!fuhhhh..haha..
-i hate the photo coz blurrr,cant see my face clear!hurmmmm...whatever,...aslong i enjoy the show..hahaa-

and i also taken  photo with the cute garfield and the name is the  ROOTS!!!He is really cute and i geraaaammmm sangat!!OMG!!

last but not list...i enoy along this journey!Nesxt journey is SAIGON,vietnam.!see u in next vacation..lalalalalaalala....


Anonymous said...

cheals,u travel alot now a days..so enjoy and fun lol....anyway i'm in kuala lumpur city now..dnt know where to go again..haha..i will back to germany on sunday next weeks.I hope i can come to miri but ,i have work to do in kl,meeting some client..see u again and keep in touch ya!

marthin said...

wahh..nice picture!

monica said...

how much the universal ticket?!

tom said...

cheals,nice shoot lol!!!i will go to USS next weeks.haha..thanks for suggestion...cant wait for the vacation trip...!