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Thursday, 1 December 2011

There were reasons why i love u ..

There is a time to speak up, and a time to be silent. A time to read and a time to write. A time to learn and a time to teach. A time to listen and a time to be heard. A time to lose and a time to gain. And for all of these things the time is now..there were reason why i fall in love with u before..There were reasons we met, reasons for the good times and reasons for the bad times, and most importantly a reason to end. We have more to learn, more to experience and more loving to do in this lifetime..Today was just one of those days where everything I did reminded me of you and every song I heard somehow related to you. I hate days like today, because they remind me of the one thing I dont have.How can i wish....!but never mind,time must be healing my broken heart, as I now know this..

Frustrated because I can't tell if it's real. Mad because I don't know how you feel. Upset because we can't make it right. Sad because I need you day and night. Angry because you won't take my hand. Aggravated because you don't understand. Disappointed because we can't be together, but still I'll love you forever.Maybe they are right. Maybe I did get my hopes up too high. Maybe I was in over my head. Maybe I am the stupid one for ever thinking that you loved me, but maybe, just maybe, I am tired of being alone.No one know where i'am now even my beloved family..!I just want to be alone on this island....

I don't know which is worse, being the one with the broken heart or being the person that breaks the hearts.It's not that we aren't meant to be together, I think that we're just not ready for forever.
This time it's over I'm keeping my heart, I'm gonna be strong and not fall apart... it'll get better, I'll no longer cry... in a couple of weeks I won't want to die, I won't want to go back. I'll be able to sleep, it won't hurt so bad and it won't hurt so deep!

I would like to thank you for u, for showing me a part of myself that I have never seen. Yeah we were young and dumb, but it still was fun and I guess these things just tend to fall apart and I hope you feel the same.Sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow; we must fail in order to know. Sometimes our vision only clears after our eyes are washed away with tears.I know I'm not completely over u. He still crosses my mind several times a day, but with each one of those times, a feeling of contempt also passes through my heart. Maybe if this happens enough, my heart will become completely hardened to him, and I'll get to the point where he doesn't affect me anymore..

We all shall pass through this life but only once. Let us enjoy today, as we shall not pass this way again.The tough thing about following my heart is that people forget to mention that sometimes the heart takes me to places i shouldn't be. Places that are scary as they are exciting and as dangerous as they are alluring. Sometimes my heart cannot take me to places that lead to happy ending. That's not even the difficult part; the difficult part is when i follow my heart, i leave my normal act just to make u happy and i  go into the unknown and once i do yi can never go back unless somthing bad happens teach me how to back as a normal like before..!

Am I mad at you? That's your main concern after shattering my whole world? Mad for what? Breaking my heart? Or for all the lies? Maybe for letting me put all my trust in you only to be betrayed? How about the fact you didn't even have the decency to tell me to my face? Or the way you think it's crazy that I'm crying over it cause to you breaking up is no big deal. Am I mad at you?... no. More like crushed... did I ever really know you as you know me..?Are you love me as i do?It's really painful to say goodbye to someone that i don't want to let go but its even more painful to ask someone to stay if they never wanted to stay or apperciate me as i do to u..well You didn't intentionally break my heart, you even said you were sorry, but I cried anyway... I know the truth that you're to scared to admit, you're with her, but when you look at me, you can't even remember her name...!!!

For you,life doesn't hurt  you until you have time to yourself to think about how things have changed, who you've lost along the way, and how much of it is YOUR FAULT!Let me ruin your life , let me break your heart, then I'll ask you why we can't be a couple!. Let me rip your world into little pieces, let me destroy who you thought you were, and then I'll ask if we can be friends.The hardest thing about knowing you don't love me is that you spent so much time pretending that you did.You lie to me and yourself..!Don't stay because you think "it will get better". You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better..

It's not my fault if I can't help looking at you for all the time when we are couple. It's not my fault if I can't stop calling you. It's not my fault I do like you. My only mistake was to fall to much in love with you.Sometimes - no matter how long, or how much i  love u, i will never love you like before and somehow you have to learn to be okay with that.What do you do when the only person who can stop your tears is the one making you cry and hurt u deeply.,...i think u will remember at me,i guess so..!You'll be back when you realize that you broke up with the one girl who was meant to be with you. But see, the thing is, you just better hope the girl is still there.

To let go of someone doesn't mean to me is  to stop loving him , it only means that you allow that person to find his own happiness without expecting him to come back.I know you never meant to do everything you put me through its okay I forgive you..If you think you've found that one that you really love... make sure they love you back.Don't hate me. Don't regret me. Don't even forget me. Wherever you go, whatever you do, don't say I never loved you because i know you do..

I think it's time that I let you go. And it's really hard for me to do because I know that there's a part of me that will be in love with you for the rest of my life. But this while running in place and day dreaming is just not healthy for either of us but we must try..
If one day you realize that I haven't talked to you in a while it's not because I don't care anymore it's because you pushed me away and just left me there...Time and time again, I forgave you. I've forgiven you for things that I swore to myself I'd never forgive someone for... and here you are, still hurting me, and I still forgave you.. Learn from your past, move on, grow stronger. People are fake, but let your trust last longer. Do what you got to do, but always stay true, and never let anyone get the best of you.

Last from me ,thanks to God for bring me back from your life..and now i more better than  before.My Life more beautiful,peaceful and always smile.I know there were reason why i love you and why i leave you...and u know it..you can't be my princess charming and my valentine...i'm so happy for it even i'm hurt because of you,but iknow i can foorget it.To be with you is the one of episod of my life.My life story is not the ending with you but with someone else..i know he will love me forever and never broke my heart as u do to me.Pace  upon u dear..(smiling)

Sometimes the littlest thing in life changes something forever and there will be times when you wish you can go back to how things used to be but you just can't because things have changed so much.never regerts....

to be contineu...:-)

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