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Monday, 28 November 2011


My age 26 years already...lala...i become older and older but my heartstil young like a new baby born..hihi...its's 3 days already but only today i have time to update my blog..i'm super busy during my birthday on 25 november..til 27 nite i stil having my birthday party..and tonight  is the last party for me..karoke mode..lalallalala...!!!!I never feel so happy and njoy on my birthdays party...this is first time in my life i have 3 suprise from my cousin,my family and my mystery person...(can't tell u guys)!!for all thanks ya for everything u guys do for me...awesume and i and i love all the present..!!!.for mr.M,thanks for the gift and the party..the party is so simple but romantik like u..yooooo!haha(naughty face)..i stil remember what are saying on my birthday night ...""Love is something like the clouds that were in the sky before the sun came out,You cannot touch the clouds, you know; but you feel the rain and know how glad the flowers and the thirsty earth are to have it after a hot day. You cannot touch love either; but you feel the sweetness that it pours into everything. Without love you would not be happy but u get more than that..cheerss up baby..!i'm here and u boleh pinjam my bahu for drops ur tears.."...lala...ok bosss...lain kali blanja lagi k..hihihi..

my wish for my birthday,.i hope this new born  i have my own life where i can forget my past.and start the new life...Love Ended but my Life always grow ups day by day...and now i feel more better than yesterday coz i know at outside there life waiting for me...My Lord never leave me..along my journey He always hold my hand and walking besides me...Thank u my LORD, I could not have asked for a better day spent in Your presence. Busied by Your hand and through every beat of my heart, You did all things for me. All the glory belongs to You. The day gone by brought me tears of sadness and joy, with no fear to be found! You held me steady as I did what You moved me to do. You are so remarkably wonderful LORD and I just cannot stop praising You enough. You keep filling my cup, and it continues to overflow. LORD, how I do love thee . . . †`!

For my sweetie daniella,You are my little angel and no matter how many years pass, you will always be my sweet little angel. I wish you faith, courage and determination to succeed in all walks of life. May you have a great and rocking life ahead.Mami  always here to support you.Today, I wish to tell you that you are the princess of my world. May you always keep shining with success in your life. I wish you luck, love and strength to win it all.Mami love u always..!!!!!

For my lovely family,All my life I knew that I am a lucky person because I had u alls in my life!For all these years of moral support and unswerving loyalty, accept my thanks and gratitude, my dear family!Thank you for everything dad,mom and my sister what have u all  done for me!I love u guys..alwaysss!!!

For my dear bestfriends(abby),a true friend sees your valuable qualities as well as your faults and never fails you! Thank you for believing in me and for always being on my side, for your protection and support, for sharing my dreams I do thank you, my friend.U always my Buddy,forgive me for all  my faultduring we a together..!Each second spent with you was a wonderful experience, thank you for all the wishes and the lovely gift. Love u always!!

For my friends,Thank all of you for being there for me. Thank you for ignoring my faults and encouraging my merits.They say that friendship is the most valuable thing in the world. So accept my grateful appreciation for being that valuable for me, my friend.Thanks for joining me on my birthday. You guys made my day. Thank you! .!!!

For person but not in my listed,thank you for a wonderful life while we together.As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep our memory in my head but deleted from memory card..!!i pray for u the rest of ur life ,have a gud tiomes for the new ones...I think its time I let you go... and that is hard to do because part of me will be in love with you for the rest of my life..The hardest thing about growing up is that i have to do what is right for me even if it means breaking my heart, Including you..!!even u break my heart...i dnt mind too coz i never losing in u..coz i know u live in my heart forever...i have to move and move forget the past...like we say always...life must go on,no regrets..cheers on my birthday.!!!.thaks for loving me before..!!

I just wanted to thank you guys soooo much for all of the birthday wishes!!!!  It means the world to me that you all are thinking of me on my special day :) Last  3 days nite  I hosted my birth day party at  Cherish  Barries club . I had a blast and it was honestly one of the best birthday i've ever had! Thank you to everyone who came out for it — I hope you had as much fun as I did.I’ll be posting tons of pics from the weekend so be sure to keep an eye out!!! Love you !...

lalalalla...happy birthday pretties!!!

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