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Sunday, 3 July 2011

I will Be Myself No Matter What They Say about me...Do i CAre..??

Being yourself is a combination of choices that you must choose to make on a normal, pretty much daily basis. It is easy to be influenced by our society, because society is all around us. There are things like mass media, friends, people who judge us whom we don't even know, family members, and other things that want us to do certain things, and behave in a certain way. It has to be your prerogative to live life the way that you want to live it.

Only you know what you really want deep down inside yourself, and only you know who you really are at heart. Being yourself may require you to go against the grain, to do things that no one else is doing, and to not be scared to do so. Being yourself requires a strong person, with a strong will, a strong mind, and a strong heart, who are you being everyday? Are you trying to fit in? Or are you going against the grain?

It is easy to see that in this world as long as you are being yourself someone somewhere will have a problem with it. Being yourself can be very challenging for many of us, because trying to fit in in places such as the work place, school, or around friends is a normal human reaction. In order for you to be yourself you must first come to terms with the fact that, not everybody is going to like who you are, that is not up to you, and that isn't what you should concern yourself with. Only give your time to those who are appreciative of the person that you are, not those that will only tolerate you, or try to change you. Not going where you are loved for whom you are will surely result in you compromising who you are at heart in order to fit in.

As Albert Einstein took notice of, it is hard for many people to lead and to follow what they have in their own heart instead of following what they see other people doing. Ask yourself if you are doing what you truly want to be doing in life? Are you living life around your circumstances, or are you living life around pursuing your dreams? Are you the leader of your own soul, or do you do what society tells you to do because it is seen as the proper thing to do, or life to live?

Many of us get too content with stability instead of taking a chance into the world of the unknown and pursuing our dreams. We have to be able to feel for ourselves what is right for us, and not worry about what may work for everybody else. It is okay to calculate a risk you may take but don't let anything hold you back from pursuing something that only you can see and feel is right for you.

And do i care what they say about me..this is me...just accept who i'am...pls dnt judge me from my face...

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