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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Love Hurts ....

It takes only a minute
to get a crush on someone,
an hour to like someone
and a day to love someone -
but takes a lifetime to forget someone

Love starts with a smile grows
with a kiss and ends with a tear.

When I Look At You My Heart Skips A Beat
But Later That Beat Could Mean
A Lifetime Of Tears Wasted
On Something I Knew I Could Never Have

You Don't Know What You Do To Me,
You Don't Have A Clue.
You Don't Know What It's
Like To Be Me Looking At You

Never be sad for what is over,
just be glad that it was once yours.

We were like Romeo and Juliet.
I thought we'd do anything for each other.
But Romeo didn't break Juliet's heart.

The part that hurts me the most,
is knowing that I once had you
and then lost you..

Trying to forget someone you love
is like trying to remember
someone you never knew.

Memories are the best souvenirs.
You will never know true happiness,
until you have truly loved,
and you will never understand,
what pain really is,
until you have lost it.

You walk by me everyday and say hello.
Everyday you take time out to listen to me.
You talk to me, smile at me,
laugh with me, and have fun with me.
Well, I talk, smile and laugh too,
but inside I'm hurting.
Deep down it hurts to be with you
because I love you and you are only a friend.

While being in love there are two requirements:
heart breaking and healing.
Healing takes time.

I still think, you'll be there like before.
Doesn't everybody out there
know to never come around?
Some things a heart won't listen to,
I'm still holding out for you.

He touched my heart with
a thousand pleasures and
broke it into million pieces.

To live life without you is to live life without love.
One of the hardest things
you'll ever have to do is stop loving someone
because they've stopped loving you.

Life is prison when you're in love alone.
The greatest distance on earth is not north and south,
it is when I am right in front of you
and you do not know that I love you.

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