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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

let go...life must go on!

“Change is never easy, you fight to hold on, and you fight to let go.”
– The Wonder Years

We all know that in this life, change is the only constant thing. Everything changed according to size, shape, character and even during unexpected time, things may change accordingly. Eveything change for a reason.  Innocent

Part of the changes we have to encounter in life are the people around us, friends and family. Most of the time, we never notice that along our journey in life, people we have encountered and became friends brought changes to our attitude, our mood and the way we look at life. They taught us lessons and gave inspiration.  Laughing

Based on experience, people close to us doesn't only brought positive changes, but also realized us the bad ones. That's the good thing, at least we realized that bad thing shouldn't be done again. We may never noticed that getting along with those people creates closeness and attachment, which may be hard to let go. As we became closer to our friends, it's hard to say goodbye when they have to. Cry
That's the hardest part between friends, you were in good terms yet time may come that you will take separate road. However, as they say "we must think positive". Yes. We must, and we should. Letting go of someone or something is hard yet come to think of the other side. Think for the reason why such thing happened, why let go of your friends? First, we don't own them. The most common reason of having friends in separate way is "career". That is a good example why we shouldn't feel bad of letting people go. At least, he/she is finding advancement and we should not stop other people's dream.  Wink

Just look at the brighter side. We may feel sad in times of saying goodbye but the reasons behind may be more important. Time will come that you still be thankful for any situation wherein you let go of something or someone important to you.  Cool

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