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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

does he love me??

In the world of dating, relationships and marriage, one common question seems to come up with women…”Does he love me?” There are a number of different ways to recognize if a man is in love with you, but none of them are foolproof. What is true for one man may not be true for another. So how do you know for sure? You do not ever know for sure, but you can feel secure if you can say yes to the following ten signs
Trying to figure out if he loves you or not is really rather easy if you simply look at the nature of men. When a man begins to act the opposite of what they normally do, then you are on the right track. Men are not always able to say all the right things, but their actions are usually very clear. The next time you want to answer the question, “Does he love me,” answer these five questions
Does he skip guys night out with regularity to be with you? This is a sure fire sign that he loves you. Not many guys skip out on the chance to go out with their buddies. If your man would rather spend all his time with you, then that is a good sign that he loves you. Spending time with his friends is not a sign that he does not, but wanting to be with you as much as he can is a great sign
Does he ask about your dreams often? This is often overlooked in the world of love. When a man loves a woman, he wants to know what she wants for the future. Suddenly, her world will become more important than his own. The perfect relationship will merge the dreams of both people. Men have a tendency to go to one extreme or the other. If he seems more into your dreams, you may need to help him focus on his own as well. If he is only into his own dreams, then you just might need to move on

Does he embrace commitment? When a man is in love, being with only one woman is no longer scary. The thought of being only with you will be a good thing to him, and he will be happy to show that. There is a difference between a fear of commitment and a fear of marriage, by the way. A fear of marriage is based in different place. A man can be in love yet wish to remain unmarried. This usually is not the case, but it does happen
Has he introduced you to his family and friends? Men are very protective of their “inner circle” and do not often have women enter that until they are clearly serious with them. Introducing a girl to his family is a very big deal to him, and he reserves it for women that he is either in love with, or well on the way. Men reserve Mom for the best of the best
 Does he focus only on you when you are together? When your man is with you out in public, is his focus on you? If a man focuses his attentions on you in spite of other people are around, then it is likely that he loves you. Men are notorious for being distracted easily, and having the power to keep their attention is a great sign in love

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