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Friday, 11 June 2010

why we fail to create the life style we know we deserved..

Are you at a place in life where you just think maybe where you are financially or emotionally is just the way your life was meant to be? You have tried everything possible without any ground breaking changes or outcomes?
You are amongst most of the people on this planet, and after years of wanting change it just feels like it will always be like this, but in reality it doesn't have to be like that. People wanting to change there life seek out all resources possible to help change there circumstances. Why is it that many people have watched "The Secret" and have had incredible success beyond what they ever imagined? And yet before watching it they may have never had any dreams of being successful until it opened there eyes to what is happening around us.
Yet you might be sitting here right now thinking I have always been positive, I have always had huge goals, I have always been a visualiser, I have huge dream boards! So what is the difference between you right now and the others that simply seemed to change there lives overnight?                                                                                       
The fact is they are probably no smarter than you, might have grown up in much poorer circumstances, might be completely uneducated, all of which makes absolutely no difference. There are some very little secrets that we haven't learned from most of the resources out there. They are mentioned in very little detail but it almost seems like some of these masters from "The Secret" have kept them a secret. When I saw the movie I thought this is something that everyone needs to see and it should be taught in school! Without it most people never have a chance at succeeding in life.
But many have tried what they learned from the movie and given up because the results just didn't appear. Well I am going to show you what resources I found that made the difference in my life going from where you might be right now to where I am today, the life altering transformations started to come immediately. This is all information that we should all be entitled to because not wanting it for someone else in fear of beating you to success or wanting to show them is pure greed and selfishness.

We have to go back to "The Secret" each step that is listed must be followed. It is our map of how it happens, I know many people that have watched it and loved it because it was what they have been learning there entire lives and it put it visually into one place in front of them. But today they seem to just talk about how bad it is because of what it doesn't teach us. Truth is, it is a starting point for those who have never even heard of laws of attraction or manifesting, it is not supposed to be the teach all perfect Holy Grail never have to do anything ever again movie, there simply isn't enough time to do that in feature length format. I am hoping everyone here has read the book from the movie or listened to the audio because it fills in a lot of gaps and gives many more examples that the movie simply could not fill in.
It all comes back to knowing all the basics and then the little things that supercharge the speed at which they will happen. We must start with what we want to manifest, and this can be what keeps us from achieving our dreams. The problem starts with the fact that most people have no clear vision of what they really want, wanting an exotic car isn't specific enough. How about I am so happy and grateful now that I have my dark grey metallic Novitec Twin Supercharged Ferrari F430 Spider with tan seats and black alcantara dash, steering wheel and door coverings with yellow stitching and brake calipers? And don't forget all of the carbon fibre bits to dress it up.
Like it teaches in "The Secret" our brains cannot tell the difference between us imagining what we want or really experiencing it for real and this is the absolute most powerful tool we have for creating anything we want large or small. And I will explain how to supercharge this process.
I am a car guy so that is how I look at what I want, but you have to do the same with everything that is you! Not what you think might be you! What really makes you happy? Don't visualize something just because your stereo type of being rich makes you think that will distinguish you from the common people. I used to laugh when they would have a special on TV showing what happened to these people that won the lottery in the US. And there you will see what kind of people they have become, or if they never changed at all. 1 guy in particular won an insane amount on the Power Ball Lottery and to me it looks like he has never had an imagination when it comes to happiness. Or quite simply maybe that is exactly what he envisioned i don't know.
It all starts with his typical 2 story square mansion with the tall pillars in the front wrap around driveway with the fountain in the middle. His car collection was very predictable, A Lamborghini, a Rolls Royce, and maybe a Mercedes or Jag. Inside the house was Victorian style, not comfortable looking maybe just the best he could find to spend his money on. Inside the entry was a large statue made of gold worth somewhere around 16 million or so.
I always say each to his own but looks like he just did a panic shopping spree without any thought behind what really makes him happy, and as I said maybe that is just him and that is happiness to him. Point is know what it is that brings joy to you.
Write down every little detail about your car, your house, maybe your future spouse (hope your not happily married thinking of that) where you vacation, qualities of your love life and your family and friends, your lakeside cottage or cabin.

Here is a very large secret! What keeps most of us from what we want is the fact that we cannot focus on 1 thing long enough to attract it into our lives. Most of us cannot visualize for more than 10sec about what we really want. Have you had circumstances in your life where you thought you might end up making or receiving a lot of money? I know I have been there countless times and your visualizations seem to adapt to the $$$ figure you think is coming or you will be making. If it is millions all of a sudden you start shopping $100K + valued cars and you pick one or 2 and then that 3.2 million dollar house.
Now while this is happening and you are dreaming you might change what you want over and over again. You find something else that is better and that is fine but at some point you need to decide because as long as you are doing that who knows what the universe is doing. Could you imagine being in a shoe store saying I want those ones and every time the person helping you goes back to get them you change your mind and do this until the store closes and they say sorry you will have to come back another time. I personally think that is what is happening in the universe, bringing it to us then oh they don't want that, guess i will put it back.  Just an analogy but if we can't focus on what we want we simply can't attract it.
And what happened when that situation turned out to not work in your favour and you didn't receive that money or the business turned out to be a scam? Or that lottery ticket you knew was a winner was nothing at all? In those moments we just seem to accept it didn't work and let our dreams slide away to the side until the next time we get all fired up about it.
So there is just never time for it to arrive, and the other problem is we are trying to determine how it is going to come. that can be the biggest mistake of your life as you will soon experience that opportunities will come out of nowhere left and right that have nothing to do with what you think might bring you this money.
We must be open to all opportunities and multiple sources of wealth in order to succeed, if you truly believe that the only way something can happen will come from the only thing you are focused on then what happens when you ask that person for money or that company for that contract and they say no? It all suddenly crumbles in front of you, when you are operating from source energy aligned with the universe a way will always be shown to you for whatever you need to succeed at your goals. But we need to step out of our comfort zones as well or else we will not even see these opportunities as a solution.
We all have stories about what we attracted and how easy it came to us, some big some small, but when we did it we knew it was because that was our intention. That is because when we set out to attract that goal it was believable in our minds and proclaimed it as ours as if we already had it. Not a single ounce of doubt and fear, yet larger goals we can't seem to believe it is truly ours or there is that doubt in our subconscious mind because we have these set beliefs or programs about money and what is a lot to us.
And here is the kicker and also a real world solution. Until we change these programs deep in our subconscious minds we will never make it past the maximum levels these programs are set at. I found a gentleman that changed my life with his programs, I am in no way affiliated with him and do not make money promoting him, I am simply sharing with you my information so he can have as much of an impact on your life as he has on mine. His name is Bruce Muzik and his company is called designer-life.com and what he does is walks you through your manifestation in a way that stimulates all 5 senses so that your brain really thinks this is happening.
He has many great audio products that I use every day religiously, and as he explains you need to be able to commit to this repetition daily if you are serious about changing your life. As he will teach you when you read about the products, we have programs for everything!  Breathing, heartbeat, regeneration of cells, money programs, weight, some came stock and have not changed but others like money have been beaten into us by teachers, parents, peers. One thing Bruce mentions in a piece from a seminar is he asks the crowd "Have you ever heard you have to work really hard to make money?" Then asks "How is that working out for you?" And of course everyone laughs. Your yearly earning have probably never been over a certain amount over a set number of years because we reach the limit of what our program is set to and we find ways to block out any more or create ways to get rid of any excess. Same with weight until we can change the number in our program we will always comfortably go back to that same weight and stay there until the next radical diet.
His techniques are like no other I have found, he sells a whole brain workout program that helps with concentration and idea generation, relaxation, better sleep as well as a wealth program. The prices are the most reasonable I have ever seen for anything like it. $67 for the Manifestation set, same price for brain booster series and all instantly down loadable, he does offer a 1 on 1 service where he talks to you on the phone for a 3hr session finding out every detail of what you want to manifest and then he creates an audio program custom tailored to creating what you want, he describes all of this in great detail and the best thing is how fast it works.
Do yourself a favor right now and bring up the website, click on Products and click on Law Of Attraction Mind Programming
Read through everything on that whole page so you can understand fully what I am telling you here, no-one can describe it better than the one that created it.
We have the knowledge all around us and have endless amounts of teachers, programs and resources to get what we really want in life but until we take the steps in the right direction we will always be stuck in a rut. These programs looming in our subconscious are there until we can change them. It is our own selves that block what we really want and we do this on a subconscious level unless you are literally say I will never have this or ever to be able to afford that, in that case you will attract just that with ease.
We tend to aim low and hit our target every time instead of aiming high in the fear that we may fail. What if we don't hit it every time when we aim high? You might only create an extra $100,000 instead of a million! Can you live with that kind of failure? I am sure you might get over it.
It is all about happiness when creating our success, but we tend to block this out because what we are worried about we put in 10 times more energy into worrying, anger about the situation or lack. We worry about bills and having enough money and yes the universe answers all requests good and bad. The universe only knows abundance and will respond whether good or bad.
"The Secret" talks about letting go, you can feel like you have it already everyday but do not dwell on the needing and wanting of what it is you would like to attract. Needing something is saying to the universe that what it has to offer is not good enough and that you are not grateful for what you have. If you are always wanting then the universe will say we have plenty of that! It will give you enough of that wanting until the day you die, but when you are grateful for everything in your life it offers more and more. You have to let it go and do not worry about how it will come, but that does not mean you just ask, visualize and then sit and do nothing waiting for the barrels of money to show up. We must be aware of what we want to attract and open to opportunities that come our way as a means to create them. It is as simple as wanting to win the lottery but not buying a ticket, it takes some form of action and awareness. Sometimes it is just as easy as being invited for dinner and who happens to be there? The very person that has an interest in what you are doing, and they were wondering where they were going to find someone to do what you are offering.
You must consciously take action toward your goal each day, even the slightest movement forward will get you closer. But your actions must also follow your intentions, you have to be willing to back what you are doing. It would be like starting a business that caters to pet owners and then getting mad every time a dog came near you kicking it. Dumb example but we need to be in line with our intentions in a positive way. I laugh at the hypnotist Terry Stokes, at his shows he sells hypnosis products and 1 of them is a quit smoking program and yet he gets off of stage and smokes like a chimney!
I hope I didn't forget too much in this, I jump around a lot because I just write what comes to me in the moment and try to keep it somewhat together.
Please let me know if you have any questions
Thank you

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