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Thursday, 17 June 2010



This step has been my biggest problem though out all of my relationships. We tend to give up a lot for our men, you may give up on your friends and family, you may give up o doing things you once loved doing for instance, reading, exercising, going for hikes, shopping, shows ect. You give it up in order to spend time with him, t o make him feel comfortable.
We do this because we want our relationship to work and because that is important to us. Many women feel like they need to give things up to keep a man happy and attracted.
But if you're using that excuse to:
*      -Stay emotionally attached to him, because you feel that you can't "get over him" easily since you gave up so much
*      Feel too depressed to go out with your friends or get back to the things that used to make you feel alive and happy
*      Refuse to "get back out there" and date someone new.

Then guess what you're doing? You're STILL giving up more of you and your happiness for his sake. (Even though he's out of your life). Maybe it has been months or years or weeks since the breakup and you are still in the same "sacrificing" place, putting your life on hold instead of realizing your own needs.
Wakeup, Smell the coffee……………
This was one of the main contributors that help break your relation apart and made you feel unhappy and unfulfilled. Get out of your funk and get back to your true, feminine and empowered self so you can start to feel Alive again. Learn how to get back the love, passion and enjoyment out of love and life, and stop the vicious cycle of getting into a relationship, getting a man, and then LOSING YOURSELF.
Stop the cycle of only finding that your relationships are about you and your partner turning on each other and breaking each other down. It’s time you learned how to RECEIVE and to get the true love and devotion you deserve from a man.
By you changing the way YOU go about your relationship you can make this change happen in the man you're with, or in the kind of man you attract.
Don't wait for the right relationship to "happen to you", when you have the power to make it happen for yourself and feel 100% confident about where your love and relationship is headed. Let what you do from here forward in relationships start giving back and feeding you inside and out.
For anyone who wants to have a truly loving and "evolved" relationship that takes you and the person you're with to better and better places in your lives TOGETHER

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