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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

i do love u as u do but u are not my MR RIGHT...

I'm sorry that I'm  writing to you, but I just can't forget you, the love, All the memories of you with me, seem to be playing in my mind ,   I'm sorry that I cried today, yesterday, and the day before, even though you cannot see my tears, I just can't forget the fact, that today already 9 month our relationships..and i never see ur love towards me... 

you said u love me but the same times u love somebody else and i know thats.. and the same time when i have problems because of "mystery person" u never cover me but u always make me down till i have pain in my heart..i dont understand with myself why i love man like u..i'm getting crazy with this...i always say sorry to you  even thought the problem not because of me..i do because i love u so much..and i never jealous with others and is never happen to me because i just urs girlfriends only...hmmmm...and u never trust and belive  me but u trust with someone behind u..how could u?

But I know its not the truth, I remember when you touched me, when you smiled, when you told me I was special, and you never felt this way, I still remember when you to make me promise that I must never leave  you for any other, but today it is you who left.

So here it is, I'm saying it, I still love you too, I always will. I will wait for you, will pine for you , long for you co’s I can’t love another, beco’s of the promise I made..

I can hear it when you talk to me, When you say my name. How the words almost slip out, But you hold them back in shame , All day I've been thinking of you, And what we could have been, Happily ever after, Is what we both said. I sit here, and concentrate
On leaving you behind, But I know that no matter what happens no words could make you mine .

Dear lover, I'm sorry that I told the truth, Sorry you're the one, Sorry that it hurts so much,
Sorry I'm still in love. And most of all I am sorry that you made me promise my love to you, But today I will break the promise to fine true love and Happiness just as you do, and I would not be here when you get back.. A part of me will always love you and i do..but u are not my MR RIGHT...i hope i will meet him in this life...He will take care of me and i always  be number 1 in his life not number 2 as u treat me when we have our relationship....Yes ,i know God will give  me ,my MR RIGHT..

Forever you in my heart but u are not my  MR RIGHT..

edited by ms sha  sha..

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