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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

What must you do to have a successful marriage? Resist the urge to fight and fight off anger ....!!

You are already committed when you lose your control and hurt your partner. You take several steps backward if you pick a fight with your spouse..
  • Don’t ever believe that fighting is necessary to release the angst and pent-up emotions. It is not healthy to seek the passion of making up after a serious encounter with your spouse. Don’t ever believe that making up is the best thing you will experience after fighting. 
  • Fighting will not lead to anything positive. You may start out with petty quarrels and the next thing you know, you are already engaged in some “bloody” battle. Your mind stops to think reasonably and your emotions take over. This is when we react and not think. We make decisions which we will ultimately regret later. 
  • ou will say mean things and act in the most shameless manner. You will become a totally different person – full of spite, anger and hatred. Are you really ready for this kind of relationship with your spouse? How could you forget the commitment and promise that you made to each other when you were married? Is this how you will treat the person you have declared your undying love?
  • There are many reasons why couples fight. The reasons that we are referring to are not the triggers of your spats but the underlying causes. This is not just about being inconsiderate, selfish and domineering. You have to understand that we have our share of flaws and shortcomings no matter how we try to make ourselves perfect. If you are waiting for the time where neither of you have any shortcomings before you will finally stop fighting, then your marriage will surely end in disaster. 
  • So, what are the real causes of your spats with your spouse? The first and most dangerous is your misguided acceptance and tolerance of anger. The moment we see anger as justifiable, you are already taking your marriage to dangerous territory. It is when you allow anger to take control that you allow negative forces to attack the very foundation of your marriage. It is never OK to be angry – not at your spouse or at any other person. For as long as you allow negativity into your relationship, you will never find justification in any of your decisions and actions. 
  • You must have the inner strength and persistence to control your emotions and not allow them to cloud your better judgment. There will be clashes of opinions and points of disagreement. However, this will turn into a full-blown conflict only if you allow it to be such. You will get into serious fights with your because of anger. It is an insidious disease that must be nip in the bud. 

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