A builder, hard worker, honest, with your feet planted squarely on the ground, you bring structure to the world. Your work requires a tangible finished product at completion. You are excellent at details and routine. Your economical and practical side make...s you a good accountant, efficiency expert, programmer. Analytical and organized, you bring order for others. It is possible that you could work in the field of law and order, as you can assume much responsibility and help to protect others. Your work has an earthly quality to it, and you are here to experience the world as a structured place.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Surviving with God and existing without Him . How He transformed my life. I now know that without Him I am nothing. I wish I could say otherwise for the benefit of the sceptics but it is true that God makes all the difference to life.
How you survive those battles is what builds character; not the fact that you have to go through them. So from a human point of view, focusing on the physical side of what is in front of you that you are dealing with, you act in the usual human way.  Somehow, the results that you get are not what you want. Often you feel like you are fighting a losing battle and no matter what you do, you feel stuck at level ZERO and are unable to lift off.
After trying several times with bad, little or no result, feeling that you are in a situation that is physically impossible; you become angry, desperate, frustrated, depressed; you feel hopeless and helpless and you have no inner peace... What do you do? Do you think to pray? No, it is the worst time ever and it is the time that you don't think to pray because you say, if God loves me as it is written and as He says, why does He allow these bad things to happen to good people.
You say, I am a good person so why is this happening to me? Surely there can't be a God.  Sometimes we scream at Him as if He is deaf. Well, let me assure you that He created the ear so He can't be deaf. Sometimes we become so consumed with anger that we lash out at everyone including the dog and the cat as if they had something to do with our misery.  Well, what is the next step? What do we do to get out of the situation.... Without God I am nothing. Trust Him. He truly makes the difference.  I did...
True Survivor

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