A builder, hard worker, honest, with your feet planted squarely on the ground, you bring structure to the world. Your work requires a tangible finished product at completion. You are excellent at details and routine. Your economical and practical side make...s you a good accountant, efficiency expert, programmer. Analytical and organized, you bring order for others. It is possible that you could work in the field of law and order, as you can assume much responsibility and help to protect others. Your work has an earthly quality to it, and you are here to experience the world as a structured place.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Faith Faith Faith
Love Love Love
Hope Hope Hope

Live to the full, Stay positive and endeavour always to enrich your world with the best life has to offer.

Love yourself and others. Try and see others through the eyes of God.  If He took you to it, He most certainly can take you through it. A drowning man will catch at even a straw in his desperate bid to survive. So Trust Him. He loves you. 

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